Evil Looks Left, Turns Right DEMO

by Sar Nath

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A purging I needed badly...
(The following is the story of this material before it became an in-between full-lengths b-side demo)
*note* This is a progressing work...songs are not necessarily finalized, and may not be released beyond this form. It's more of a published documentation of fairly unanalyzed heart vomit...but you're free to listen. It may be made available someday...


released May 11, 2015

Lord Sar - All



all rights reserved


Hypnosia Recordings Henderson, Texas

*Please do not request signing. Artists potentially planned for release are friends of the label owner.*
Founded by T.Niemeyer ("Lord Sar") as a means to put out many of his own projects - HR plans to expand further releasing music by those TN can call friends - CD & cassette, as well as acting as fanatical promo-manager of sorts, when situations permit & NO "CORE"!!! (except grind!)
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Track Name: Evil Looks Left, Turns Right
Evil Looks Left, Turns Right

It brings hysteria to a black heart
A black heart is still a heart, just the same
That even after soul's teleportation, astral projection
...to hell, in which we don't come back the same
That I weep when grief should take precedence
Over the carelessness of an owner of a lighter piece
Of that tarred, bloody thing
Of that reluctant, pounding thing
People tend to wonder why you show tears
When understanding them is what they've made you ask for
Nobody ever wants to love you (Your horde of demons do)
When you reach a hand out from the web of darkness
(With those very demons)
It could save your life, you know (But why would we want that?)
But they focus on how you never give...love...
And consumed, you carry on
A demonic presence, reluctant
Visions of goodness begin to sicken (Nauseate)
Those that create love break it
Evil looks so right at these times
...or shall I say "looks so left"...
...all that's left...
oh, that tarred, bloody thing...
Track Name: The Piercing Cries Of Feral Spirits
The Piercing Cries Of Feral Spirits

I'm gutted tonight
And my lungs lie on the floor
Incantations of feral spirits
Feast upon this wretched mess
Too drained for divination
I vomit my beliefs into the toilet
I've been feeling poisoned
Even devoid of innards
My nausea is my whole world
Terrible cries echo through the house
By a ghost that looks just like me
Pierces my heart
The only thing I retain this night
I want to drown
More than anything else
The tranquility of floating lifeless
Living off of dying, oh so peaceful
Time will come
For time to end
And erotic oceans of blood
Will dry up and disappear
Track Name: Heart In A Jar On A Filthy Altar
Heart In A Jar On A Filthy Altar

Skies blooden as I excrete the madness
Built up from sullen cruelties and blades
Waters murk as vomit clouds the streams
And you - stuck in your matrix of "sane"
What do those bright eyes tell you?
What does that sticky tongue have to say?
I am sure it's a novel you could pen in hours
Entirely about who you think is me
The darkest of dragons differs little from a demon
And atop it's neck always rides a master
Crowned with power that could undo existence
In at least one corner of cosmos
My heart is in a jar, preserved, and cruelly so
And the implication that phonetically utters out
Is the biggest fucking lie your tiny mind could imagine
I am open for NONE of your humanity
This church is condemned
Surrounded by a deadly forest
An unhallowed (and turbulent) graveyard
Sits vainly to the left
Track Name: Hellrolling Deathwish Master
[excruciating cries of strife and grief]
Track Name: Scum Goddess - Satan's Slut And The Faithless Martyr
Scum Goddess - Satan's Slut And The Faithless Martyr

I was ripped and banished
No laughter or mirth
At the bright eyes of a martyr
Just sorry scorn as I became worn
Shadowed Features took shape
As hedon dreams poured
Like a storm meant for one example
Like Job without faith
She was a scum goddess
Latching to nothing but my filth
So I withheld my glory
Darkness or light
Purity or grime
Satan's slut crawled away
Upon a wingless wyrm
To netherworld caverns
To adorn the sores of hellfire's sperm
Left anew with a stranger
I faced with each new day
Despising the mirror's image
Becoming what I was made
The lepers and the damned
Would hint but rarely touch
As I became as I still am now
A temptation better left to nightmares
Track Name: Bleakened

There was begotten a chilling aura
Not of a spirit, but a time
Ajed uv erutuf, the continuum slipped
As the landscape darkened and bleakened
Cosmos has always wept for me
The grey and shadowed child
Eyes of God and feet of Luciferian skin
The soil has thirsted for my coffin
Not yet here in this world with you
And though long ago I perished
Because the scroll unfolds sometimes
And so do the sequence of it's words
To shatter fate with razors
To break a heart with life
Turn things inward to the astral
And you'll see that somewhere it's all been done
Eternity showed me your carcass
I wept as an acrid devil in a living valley
And here I hold you in coldness and warmth
Nothing can take everything away