Freshly Skinned And Left For Dead

by Sar Nath

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Jason Boudreau
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Jason Boudreau This is an album made by my good friend Sar Nath. His demons and hatred for the world has fueled a beast like nothing else that has been molded into this fantastic album. Favorite track: Threnodemon.
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Freshly Skinned And Left For Dead can be viewed as a compilation, or the first full-length by East Texas black metal act, Sar Nath; as it includes material that has been previously unleashed upon the underground in a different form, yet includes special tracks that have not been included on any of the project's releases before. Careful home-recorded love(/hate)- in the usual Hypnosia fashion- has been taken to let the rawness known to the Sar Nath brand breathe it's blood-gurgling breaths, yet with a more cohesive and meticulously-planned voice of it's own as an album. Extreme levels of distorted fuzz, clanks, vomitous and despondent puke-growls and torment-screams, demonic divebombs into tuneless explosions...all present here. From the furiously despondent anger of "The Incision...", to the strange balladry and electro-black-leanings of "The Bloodied Ghost...", and the epic, nearly 10 minute dirge of "Atrocities By Daylight" (in a particularly rotten presentation) - FSaLFD is a worthy addition to any metal fan's collection that appreciates raw catharsis.

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released November 13, 2014

Lord Sar Nath Hypnosia - All voices, instruments, programming, composition, and sampling



all rights reserved


Hypnosia Recordings Henderson, Texas

*Please do not request signing. Artists potentially planned for release are friends of the label owner.*
Founded by T.Niemeyer ("Lord Sar") as a means to put out many of his own projects - HR plans to expand further releasing music by those TN can call friends - CD & cassette, as well as acting as fanatical promo-manager of sorts, when situations permit & NO "CORE"!!! (except grind!)
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Track Name: Threnodemon

Pay heed to the horrid soul
The beast that mutilates your light
See it rot away tormented
Your flesh shall nourish it's deadly blight

In the waters of lust
Made now a poison
In which to drown
And ours is a death maligned
The unholy frown
Upon the face of demise
Sacred blood of leper knights
Painting the temples of our shine
Hear the cries in the vastness black
An agonizing sound to impale our minds
To the icon of trust
With a lonesome hand
And ours is a life confined
As we watch the falling sand
Waiting bated and dying for a sign
Memories live in our futures to come
Fear grips the deaf and the dumb
Track Name: The Incision Has Not Yet Appeared
"The Incision Has Not Yet Appeared"

I have not broken the glass
The apparitions have not pulled me
The next corridor of dimensional truths
Has not felt my tears or blood
The shards will tear my cursed shell
The fiends will be angels to my demon
And as future becomes yesterday
Microcosmic resurrection shall arrive
I live in circles
Life's matricide and adultery
Were moments ago
In these ancient futures
I have killed and spread the texture
Of vilest flesh and whorish gore
Sorrow and psychopathium christen
The anguished one of anti-human love
Track Name: Excusing The Truth
"Excusing The Truth"

Believing that it's verily
This self-loathing therapy
Broken flesh of knees
And over-usage of the pleas
Wrapping the helpless
In allergenic gauze
To find reason for the cause
To loathe the coming day
I don't mean to need you
But the heart and soul that's left
Would say it's the right way
(the part that is bereft)
Colorless, I slip away
Further into what I run from
No amount of given halos
Can clean up this writhing scum
Track Name: Hopequest

Lost somewhere in the continuum
Shades of past encrust a pale future
Where dreams outlive the tangible
And tangible is far from absolute
So where is a soul to peaceful rest
When the encasement of times far and wide
Collide with a usurping netherworld
And is turned to a diamond pressurized
The result falls liquefied
From a window in a chapel lost
To unconsecrated ground so littered
With corpses of children never given eyes
Seeping through a self
Pulling out another
Belightened with a whim of dreamers' songs
Echoing in the same questionable void
Black returns in an instant
So swiftly as to erase the luminant
Jumping from end to beginning
Wiping out the innards of this hopequest
Track Name: Rainshards

I blink and time expands
Away from you - into the infinity
Yet in plain sight the wings of dusk
Creep over the horizon
This reminds me of my end
I remember flickering out
And yet here I am
Standing where the rain is glass
Does it matter when I bleed now?
It seems we're all forced to turn away
Not paying heed to what is stone
When stone is what we truly are
I'm reminded of the wind
When your breath is close to me
And how our ashes ride the wings
Away from time and space...
Track Name: Musewrath

Sink in swamps bearing claws and fangs
As I inflict reverse positioning infernal
You drew my smile on sideways, whore
And broke my knuckles on your jaw
Believe you me, dear cunt
A rack is being built
And poisoning your nourishment
Shall get you ready for the show
Submitting you to trial
While emaciated, ill
And lash-lines accumulate, crimson
And I need not lift my broken hand
Quickened enough to lift my head
By tortures of musewrath, transfused
I seldom allow enjoyment in punishing
But this day it's so
Break out in mind if you can
Lead your steed into the gorge
I planted mandrake abundant
My minions of storms unearth
To feed on your agony
And you know damn well
Where Satan's hand will go...
Track Name: The Bloodied Ghost Of The Sepulchre
"The Bloodied Ghost
Of The Sepulchre"

You wish I'd stop the blood from reaching
Your silk and lace
You pray that I heal and cauterize the bleeding
From wounds inflicted by your face
I have a dead angel
Hanging as a pendant
Nothing but bare shoulders
A naked sobbing defendant
I created a warrior who's death was premature
Killed by a conjurer
I love with more than my hands can hold
As I camp at the sepulchure
I'm nothing but a bloodied ghost now
Track Name: Atrocities By Daylight
"Atrocities By Daylight"

The darkness flees from me
The witching hour has passed
Sunrise in a mourning temple
A blackened heart shall burn
Silently I stare
Courtyard blessed by beauty
Tending plants for prosperity
I shall invite the angel
In my shivering domain
Of cursed sun and dust
Leaves dance, alive and green
From windows of my despair
I wet my throne with blood
As the angel reclines
Descending to the floor
To be the colors of damnation
This sacrifice is bright
A chamber of warmth defiled
I await the rot
Demonic allies shall reap my lust
Track Name: Succumbing To Possession's Fire
"Succumbing To Possession's Fire"

Awakening to frailty in a bed of nails
The shadow's slavery looming just behind
Solar-blind and sinking deeper
Until the demon's cruelty takes my mind
A sap of mucous drips onto infected wounds
Pus and gore unrealized until this time
I become a leprous pile of sorrow's rot
As I surrender to the stinking grime
This is me declared by possession's fire
Proclamation through torture
A spirit crushed, decayed, and tired
You observe the worms and maggots drip
From gaping, stinking jaws
You choose to believe my desire is this
To profane and break all divine laws
Somewhere dark I sleep within
My grotesque being roars at the moon
It is true - I said yes to the dark
Under the pendulous blade
But can't you see? Can't you feel me?
I was not birthed
Instead I was made