The Temple's Name Is Legion

by Lord Sar

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A chaotic cluster-skullfuck of all the various conflicting sides of an artist that usually sections away (to an extent) the different sentiments and conflicts within through numerous projects under separate monikers. This is the type of dark, intimately produced, grating music (consisting of goth, black metal, industrial, noise, hints of classic metal, grind, even acoustic minor-folk, and whatever else happened to crop up at the time) that you'll never hear on the radio, the kind that only draws the sick and personal audience that happens to be the only kind of listeners I - as Lord Sar - care to have behind me, anyway. There's a very specific course of events that led to this recording.

Demons. A word - or vast subject, rather, that I've been known to use often in my artistic output. In my reluctant times of joining more democratic bands, my lyrics were typically chastised and rejected for this. But it's a very far-reaching subject, both metaphorically, as well as literally (given one believes in such entities). But, in the world of Lord Sar, metaphor is the 1st cousin, maybe even the brother, of reality. And a very commonly referenced demon of our world and I had recently found each other again: ALCOHOL. As a previously 5-year-sober alcoholic with S.I.P.D., (Substance Induced Personality Disorder, which is schizophrenia induced by either excess OR deprivation of certain conflicting chemicals in the sufferer's system), not only did I battle The Demon Alcohol, itself...but the other entity within myself that arose to attack and ruin this "safe" life I've so carefully carved out for well as the lives of those closest to me. This "solo-album" (a nearly silly irony to most, since I rarely ever work with others, anyway) is the documentation of the hells I invoked, the strange dimensional crossings of demons and their deadly abilities into our more tangible realm. I might have won, banishing the concoction and its demonic legions, successfully suppressing my own malevolent self that I have entombed inside my troubled psyche, as well...but the scars, the mess of a gore-littered battleground, and the new inner torments from the encounter remain for me to systematically clean up and heal from. This album is the story of that very bout with the swarm of those demonic forces. The schizophrenic and jagged, filthy, imperfect, and decayed nature of the material speaks for itself as to conveying the mess that the situation brought with it from its malicious dimension of disease...


released August 5, 2016

Lord Sar Nath Hypnosia - All Instruments Of Torture & Forbidden Tongues

All songs ©Travis Niemeyer & Hypnosia Recordings



all rights reserved


Hypnosia Recordings Henderson, Texas

*Please do not request signing. Artists potentially planned for release are friends of the label owner.*
Founded by T.Niemeyer ("Lord Sar") as a means to put out many of his own projects - HR plans to expand further releasing music by those TN can call friends - CD & cassette, as well as acting as fanatical promo-manager of sorts, when situations permit & NO "CORE"!!! (except grind!)
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Track Name: The Corridor Of Frozen Remnants
The Corridor Of Frozen Remnants

Track Name: A Visitation
A Visitation

Rummaging through the refuse
Attempting to hold on
But still searching for the sun

There was a visitation
By everyone and nobody
To tell me
I was embodied agony
There was a recollection
Of the saddest things
Reminding me
There's not much left to see

When did it get this way
When did a castle crumble


I know what made this all
Too much rise brings too much fall
Track Name: He Of Ancient Skars
He Of Ancient Skars

The ethereal caress
Visitation while we still have breath
In the cracks in the floor
Invoked by he above the door

There's one we now both know
One who's been beneath our souls
Speaking tongues
But we comprehend

So vividly clear
So demonically austere

I've grown to miss our light
I've come to yearn for your tears
Those of joy and love
When we're plagued
By the the monstrosity hanging above
Track Name: My Life Walks By
My Life Walks By

Don't hope too hard, I tell myself
It's poison to one who is scarred by failure
"You can fix things, if only you'd awaken"
When energy and drive are what tear me down
There's not much I can do
But stare out the window into the world
And see what I could make vicarious
Fill me full of jealousy
What good is a watcher
If he can't be a hero when it's a need
Am I within a slow death
A holiday of slowly watching...

All my life flash by
Thought by thought
Flash by Flash
I shuffle toward the end
And I weep too hard, I tell myself
Even things that deserve a eulogy
The problem is none of them were spoken
Floating here in memory

My life walks by
Transparent ghosts of myself
I recline in my painful chair
To try and enjoy the final show
Track Name: Purification Penance
Purification Penance

I learned once again
To hate myself
One daylight
comes another
Are you a good demon
Or a bad one
That should be smashed by a house?
I learned once again
To hate myself
Have you ever seen
Yourself deep inside?
Have you felt the blood
Fall from your soul's eyes?
You will take
All things, you'll take
All things in your soul
That you value away
And put them in the flames
Track Name: Legion Speak (Austere And Frail)
Legion Speak: Austere And Frail
I had a vision
A horrid dream, if you will
A Nightmare
Which was horrible to awaken from
Because it was parallel
To this very world
There was a disgusting ghoul (in all truth there were many)
Shackled to a lovely girl
It followed me
From one plane to the next
I could have swore that never
Never would it be here
Needles in flesh
Visions of death
A wake for a wretch
And a memorial was etched
And so I am here
Lost but with a clue
As to which horizon to approach
And somewhere there I will find you
Track Name: Old Spiral
Old Spiral
Like I've been flushed
I am at the bottom with the sewage
Can't climb the rope that I've been thrown just yet
Thank you, dear, but I'm still so weak

I can see up into my home
That old spiral left my head still spinning
I'm so sorry, my love
That I let that demon into our life

He came and I did conquer
But first he won
But that set me bent
Bent on merciless revenge

He lies now in a grave
Beneath an old tree I have forgave
For its branches extend with wisdom
And I reside inside its ancient bark
Track Name: Sheolian

Blasting souls
Especially my bound one
The one who still casts spells
And the fire
That of many suns
For the good of love
Go the fuck away
I'm left
In a void of my own decay

Bend your will
To my commands
I'm nothing and no one
But I amplify
through rage

For when the beast
Transmits from his confines

I steal all your sentiment
I wipe away what's on your stone

Unhallowed disregard
And this levels dimensions
Ones that might have been
No chance
Now I dance
With my own apparitions
On a floor of burning coal
My stance is hell

Prince of pre-tragic peace
No more nostalgic rest
Disposition of decease
Track Name: The Temple's Name Is Legion
The Temple's Name Is Legion

And so...
Your cursed eyes are back
Looking past my face
And into another

Blessed be the fate
For the Love of God
As I know it will be raped
Into a lake of sod

When did you insist
To come back for death's kiss?
Was it me and my sentiment?
Or just that the dead never die...

I buried a wretch in
A grave with too strong a name
But I suppose The Temple's name is "Legion"
A cursed asylum all the same
Track Name: Drip and Tremble
Drip And Tremble

I rot here
I drip and tremble
With visions
Flashing in my sight
The void in which my spirit floats
In these bouts of a hell all too real
Is just an impending sentence
Unless someone finds me
And can read my mind and heart
You look and collect
Your spite
Unable to connect
It's not what I'm afraid might come
It's what I know exist
What I know goes on
In this unending ruling
The muck will cease its flow
And a halt can meet my pleas
Only if I make you know
The truth behind my bloody knees

Don't let me die in this dark place
Track Name: When The Shadows Pull Us Through
When The Shadows Pull Us Through

Tow on that fading line
Pull on those fading lies

And while I die
You see a man arise
And while we both face the cries
There's a newfound light
Lucifer has seen this kind

But from ashes I arise
Into a glorious sky

Been saving all magick for you
What you desire within shall come to you
And when the shadows pull us through
There's so much slaughtering to do

Gut the cadaverous returner
Find the pearl within the rigid shell

I'm fucking coming back for you!!!
Track Name: The Door Of Yearning
Door Of Yearning

Beligerant within
A timeless horror tied
The beast is deprived
Stifled by a bright light
Why do we keep it alive?
Is it tied to a pretty lie?
A pretty lie...
We all are tied...
And fucking perish!
There's innocence beneath the dust
In a cellar reeking of rot
Not tied or bound, but injured
Looking at the unlocked door with yearning
But this little one that can become
The Evil
New at being old
Always infantile here
There's help outside our cage...
Track Name: Infecting The Within
Infecting The Within

Face the poisoned well like a vulture to the dead
Gorge on decomposed liquid flesh of gods
Enrapturing with rotten organisms infecting the within
Decadence dripping from a gaping mouth of spite
It will be all mine on this night
The cosmic waves for me to ride
To peer into the minds and blackened hearts of man
Not a fucking wretched soul can hide
I'm atop a steed of timeless omnipotence
I'm digging through the soil of souls
I'm jolting through the skies of lovers
Striking lightning through their swollen organs
The everdead are now alive with dark energy
The demons and ghouls of lust writhe now deep within me
I burst at the seams, blissful, and destructive
I thrust into the light a bloodied spear of shadowed agony
Perish now, you that see me as a boil
Fall writhing and gasping for forsaken air
You've lived your jeering lives in damnable vain
And the torment you feel drenches me like cooling rain
I inhale
Deeply, your regret
An enrichment of my vitality
A denouncement of your mortality
Can you see me in your reflection now?
I inject grotesque scenes of martyrdom into your mind
I lurk beneath your heart, far beyond all love
For you're the one who taught me to be so unkind
All of you
Sheeple, you of death
Living in such fantasy
Bringing power unto me
Track Name: ...Of Your Wine
...Of Your Wine
See all
With your mirror
But it's falseness you see there now
In black
Darkest shadow
Broken pained soul
Night shadow face
Love lost in vain
Nocturnal grace
Only comfort
Only peace
Broken glass now
Frozen heart glow
Bring the wine
Of your sacrament
Bring the blood
Track Name: Beseeching Dead Heart
Beseeching Dead Heart

Please keep me dead
Please hold my cold and aching hand
Lay beside this corpse forever...

Now I'm looking outside
And see the fallen in the moonlight
And I know that's where I will go
So keep me undead

Lay with me tonight
Let me die...